Fire protection systems

Inspecting the technical documentation (project documentation), assembling works, checking the compliance to the technical condition, readiness for exploitation, during the exploitation:

  • automatic fire extinguishing systems (water, foam, aerosol, gas, powder, local application);
  • fire alarm systems;
  • fire alarm systems and management of people evacuation;
  • smoke protection systems;
  • alarm transmitting notifications;
  • fire-resistant doors, gates, windows, hatches, valves (lamps), curtains (screens);
  • Anti-lightning protection of all types of buildings, structures and industrial communications, technological settings;
  • fire truck sets;
  • fire elevators.

Fire protection system  isa complex of technical means that are mounted on the object and is designed for detection, localization and elimination of fires without human intervention, to protect people, property and the environment from the effects of the fire hazards.

Fire protection systems are divided into:

  • Fire alarm system – technical facilities designed for early fire detection and alarming to take the necessary measures (evacuation of people, call the fire and rescue units, launching smoke systems and fire suppression systems, controlling fire flaps, doors, gates and curtains (screens), disconnecting or blocking (unblocking) other engineering systems and equipment under the signal “fire”, etc.);
  • automatic fire extinguishing systems – firefighting systems that detect the signs of burning, fire alarm and providing fire extinguishing substance without human intervention;
  • autonomous fire extinguishing systems of the local usage – fire extinguishing systems that function as detection of the signs of burning and provide fire extinguishing substances without human intervention, regardless of the external power supply and control systems and are designed to supply and distribute the extinguishing agent for space or object surface for fire protection;
  • fire alarm system and control of people evacuation  is a  number of the technical facilities designed to alert people who are in the house (building) about the fire in order to make conditions for their timely evacuation;
  • Smoke protection system – a set of technical means and devices (smoke- and heat exhaust, inflow / outflow of air, control and launch) for creating smokeless stable layer below the layer of the stable smoke by means of removing smoke (flue gases, volatile combustion products, hot air) form the facilities (buildings, structures) and evacuation routes in case of fire;
  • central fire monitoring systems – technical facilities designed for transmittingthe definite alarms as for fire and a technical condition of fire protection from the  fire protectedfacility, its receiving, processing and recording;
  • operator system for  fire protection systems – provide control, alarm and electric operating the work of fire protection systems and other engineering systems, changing the mode of operation in the case of fire.