Fireproofing treatment

Inspection of the fireproofing treatment

  • Inspectionofthe fireproofing treatment (surface,permeation, filling) of thestructuresandmaterials, electriccables, engineeringequipmentofbuildingsandstructures, passwaysthroughfire barriersandfirewalling, maintenanceoffireproofcover.
  • Checking of the projects of the works(projectdocumentation) on the fireprotection.

Fireproofing  is a special treatment of the material, design or product with the purpose of fire protection.

Fire protection is the reduction of fire hazard material and increase of fire resistance of the construction or product.

The objects for the fireproofing are the materials, products, structures, electrical cables, engineering equipment of buildings and structures, pass ways through the fire barriers and fire-walling that have to be to be fireproofed.

For fireproofing are used the fire-proof products – fireproof substances, mixtures, paints, roll (sheet) materials so that their properties are suitable for the fire protection.


Following types of fireproofing:

– Fireproof impregnation – surface treatment  of the combustible material by means of  saturation with the retardant substance for fireproofing;

– Fireproof surface treatment – fireproof treatment in which on the surface of an object a fireproof cover is formed;

Fireproof filling – filling the passways of the  technological communications through fire barriers and fire walling with the fireproofing agent.

Method for the  fireproof treatment is determined depending on the properties of the object for the fireproofing, fire-proof product and operating conditions.


Fire retardant impregnationis used for fire protection of the objects made of porous materials (wood, cloth, paper, etc.). For fireproof impregnation are used the substances that penetrate (leak) in the object for fireproofing.


For surface fireproofing treatment are used fire-retardant products that form the fireproofing cover on the surface of the object. Fireproofing products are applied (fixed) by painting (fire-retardant paint, varnish), plastering, wrappers (fireproof rolled products), facing others.


Surface fireproofing treatment is used for fire protection of the materials (structures, products) produced of wood, metal, concrete, materials of plant origin, electrical cables and engineering equipment of the  buildings and structures.

The method ofthe fireproof fillingis used for electric cables and engineering equipment of the buildings and structures by fire barriers and fire wallingwith the rationed fire resistance class.