Houses, buildings, constructions, facilities, premises

Fire and technogenic safety inspection for houses, buildings, constructions, facilities, premises

Inspection of the facilities under construction (new construction, reconstruction, repairing, technical re-equipment), and the facilities that are being used (buildings, structures, premises, territories, open technology units (processes) of the enterprises, institutions, organizations, and other entities regardless of the form of ownership ), as well as of the project documentation as for compliance with fire and technogenic safety regulations.

Accordingto the article 57 oftheCodeof theCivilDefenseofUkraine, commercial, residential and other buildings and structures, which commissioned after construction, reconstruction and technical re-equipment as well as technological processes must meet the requirements of the fire safety regulations.

The requirements as for fire safety while designing and constructingthe buildings and structuresare outlined in the building codes, standards and other regulatory and legal acts.

Fire safety requirements as for buildings and structures interms offire safety can be divided into the following groups:

– Fire safety requirements for the location, general planning (location on the ground, fire compliance distances to neighboring houses, buildings, constructions of the outdoor  plants and engineering services, number of entries into the territory, the presence of driveways and entrances for the fire equipment and fire water sources);

– Fire safety requirements for  designing solutions (degree of fire resistance and matching to the chosen structural elements of buildings and structures, compliance with fire barriers regulatory requirements, compliance with applicable materials (e.g. insulation of facade systems, cell coating), etc.);

– Fire safety requirements for space-planning solutions (relative height, number of floors of houses and buildings, floor area within the fire compartments, accommodation facilities, fire barriers, evacuation routes and emergency exits);

– Fire safety requirements  for engineeringsystems of the buildingsandfacilities (heating, ventilation, air conditioning,electrical power, natural and artificial lighting, sewerage);

– Fire safety requirements for fire protection systems (fire alarm systems, automatic fire extinguishing systems, fire alarm systems and evacuation man agement systems, transmission of alarm notification systems, smoke protection, lightning);

– Requirements for external and internal water supply (fire ponds, tanks, fire hydrants, fire faucets, pumping stations, etc.).