Automated systems of early detection of emergencies and alert for population

Technical documentationreview  (project documentation) installation works, to verify the compliance with the technical condition, readiness for usage, detecting any dangerfor early detection of emergencies and alert for population in the period of the automated systems usage.

Automated systems for early detection of emergencies and alert of population – an automated system of class “man-machine”.These systems сombine the automated processes for detecting threats of emergencies, monitoring and processing the information on the current state of objects and buildings, engineering structures, and networks, systems that are located on the territories  with the risk for natural hazards, provides users with the actual and forecasted information, and alerts (if needed) workers and managers responsible for technogenicl security, officials of the executive authorities , local governments, and populationvia the human operator.

The purporseofthe earlyemergencies detectionandpopulation warning systems istheearlydetectionof a threat of emergencies at thepotentiallydangerousobjects, high-riskfacilitiesandotherfacilitiesaccordingtotherequirementsofthe regulationsandlaws, as well asnotifyingservicepersonnel, population, localauthoritiesaboutthethreatofsuchanemergency.

The reason for implementing the system of the early emergencies detection at the high-risk objects are the following documents:

  • Article 53 of the Civil Defense Code of Ukraine;
  • с. 4.1 of the Rules of the technogenic safety in civil protection at the enterprises, organizations, institutions and at the hazardous territories (order of Ministery of emergenciesof Ukraine from 15.08.2007 number 557 registered in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine 03.09.2007 under № 1006/14273);
  • ДБН В.2.5-76:2014 “Automated systems for early detection of emergencies and alert for population”;
  • Rules onsetting, operation and technical service of the systems for early detection and people warning in case of emergency (order of the Ministry of emergencies of Ukraine from 15.05.2006 number 288 registered with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine 05.07.2006 under № 785/12659).